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Recovery Companion Services™ was designed from its inception to deliver the finest behavioral health companion service in the nation. We understand the unique function that this particular level of service should provide because our remarkable team has more combined experience than any other company in the business. We know that our responsibility is to help our clients bridge successfully from treatment into recovery; from a primary phase of care to a more personally driven lifestyle. National statistics over the last twenty years have proven that additional support such as we provide will greatly enhance the clients transition into successful long term recovery.

Recovery Companion Services™ is a full spectrum behavioral health support company.
We provide companions for a variety of client profiles:

  1. Addiction
  2. Alcoholism
  3. Co-occurring Concerns
  4. Psychiatric Concerns
  5. Relapse Prevention
  6. Ongoing Recovery Building and Support
  7. Lifestyle Transition Support
  8. Adult and Adolescent Clients

Each of these different client profiles will present a unique set of challenges and possibilities. For this reason, our initial interview assessment is key to the success of our combined mission.

As you see in the services section of our website, we have very carefully crafted a support process that is not just client-focused and client-driven, but is designed to meet the very specific needs of the individual. We truly customize our services to address the concerns of each of our clients and to then work with and provide support through daily interaction with the team supervisor to have each day become a more meaningful building block in this new life based in recovery.

The goal of this assessment is two-fold. First, we use the confidential client profile to determine the best possible companion for the client. This is determined by a significant number of profile elements (i.e., gender, age, education, interests, treatment exposure, legal issues, etc.) Secondly, we use the same profile information to assist the supervisor in effectively building a series of achievable goals that the client, the recovery companion and the supervisor can work together to accomplish. Lastly, we use all of the data gathered during the treatment and companion phases of care to facilitate the seamless integration of any ongoing clinical or educational services that the client and their family may deem appropriate.

We want our clients to experience the value of this supportive relationship and its integral place in the success of each new day as they become stronger and ultimately more self-reliant.